The Hubble Telescope: Images of Heaven

The Hubble Telescope: Images of Heaven

The miracles of the universe…

It seems as though every week or two there is a new blockbuster at the cinema involving the universe that exists outside of our tiny little corner of the world. We pay $12.00 apiece (double with popcorn) to go and watch whatever the newest ridiculous life form Hollywood has spewed out at us blow things up or master communicating with us (and the blowing us up). And with each passing film, the special effects grow more and more advanced. The details bacome more detailed, the colors more colored, the aliens all that much more realistic; to the point where we lose interest if something doesn’t reach out and smack us across the face.

But so caught up in fantasy are we; somewhere along the line we’ve lost the art of just looking up. As enjoyable as the special effects bonanzas are, they seem to have taken the magic and mystery out of just looking at the stars. Replaced them with hyperdrives, tentacles, and warp speed.

Along the way, though, it gets boring. Hollywood is running out of tricks. Thank Goodness for us, the Universe doesn’t. Floating just above our heads is a true miracle of technology, the Hubble Telescope. Just beyond our atmosphere, Hubble is (without CGI and special effects) Shrinking the universe for us, star by star. Clicking away with ever improving technology, bringing us images from unfathomable distances (even at warp speed).

Here, as a bit of a reminder, are a few of the miraculous shots Hubble has brought us. Remining us that as hard as the Hollywood geniuses try, there will never be anything more mind bending than reality. Because the universe says so.

Gas Pillars in the Eagle Nebula (M16): Pillars of Creation in a Star-Forming Region

A Perfect Storm of Turbulent Gases in the Omega/ Swan Nebula

The Eagle Has Risen: Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula

Half-Size Version of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Saturn October 1997

A picture of a black hole!

A butterfly emerges from stellar demise in nebula ngc6302

Stephan’s Quintet

Collision leaves giant Jupiter bruised.

Image of Eta Carinae

And these are but a few. For hundreds more, visit the Hubble websight; you may find yourself their for hours. I did.

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syedaqa, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

Impressive work thanks

fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

There in definitely more to enjoy looking toward the ski, or this case “Hubble”, and more impressive than some of the 12.00 movies.
Great article I enjoyed it a lot

Mike Thomas, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

Loved this article. I’m actually quite the astronomical enthusiast, so I’ve seen most of these before. Either way, they are always a sight to see. Great work.

raptor22, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

It’s good to be reminded that there is more out there in the universe than just our little planet.
Wish I had one of those telescopes. One of my dreams as a kid was to go into space and see the marvelous things one hears about maybe one of my decendents will actually get to see all the wonders of space first hand without using a telescope.
Great article.

GailSeymour, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

Those are some awesome photos, makes me feel very small and insignificant looking at them.

Tlchimes, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

These were wonderful! The site is great. Your article is awesome. Thank you so much!

monica55, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

Awesome!!! I like articles on outer space. Did you know that Hubble telescope has detected that the universe continues to expand?. ..Very fascinating. Great article.

Bailey Thompson, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

Great article. The pictures are stunning!

Joe Dorish, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

Cool stuff, would add “The Eye of God” and “The Giant Eye”.

Butterfly Musings, posted this comment on Sep 17th, 2009

gorgeous pics!

Gourab Modak, posted this comment on Sep 18th, 2009

This was one of your best works ever! No Doubt about it.

MJ Sunderland, posted this comment on Sep 18th, 2009

Spooky, I was at a lecture about this last night. Excellent images.

mortysmadhouse, posted this comment on Sep 18th, 2009

Loved it!! There is nothing quite like the images from the Hubble…. purely amazing!

Dean Christ, posted this comment on Sep 19th, 2009

I love pictures from the Hubble telescope. I am going to message you a youtube link called “the Hubble Deep Field: The most Important Image Ever Taken.”

jovi rose barlisan, posted this comment on Jan 20th, 2010

well… i really amazed with those pictures.. i guess…it is the most amazing pictures i ever seen before…

tom, posted this comment on Nov 28th, 2011

these picture are all nice one picture looked it was from the opening credits to lost in space, but what is it really showing us there is color in space so what go find a a planet that has people on it show us somethiing that will blow us away.

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